The world is round, not flat. Either way we have you covered beautifully!

Our Direct Embed® process marries time tested coating technology to advanced transfer innovation
allowing the application of permanent imaging onto any flat or dimensional surface.

This approach also utilizes a variety of materials including glass, steel, aluminum, MDF, ceramic and some plastics.

Perfected Process

Designs and graphics permanently embedded deep in to the surface of a substrate.

Endless Possibilities

Direct Embed® Coating Systems can transfer absolutely any image into a powder coated surface. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

How To Get Started

Review our specifications.
Our process is easy to understand
and we can start your project today.

What is the Direct Embed® Coating System?

Through a licensed process, our technicians will transfer a permanent image to a powder coated (paint) finished object. The transfer process is not on the surface but in to the surface! Whether it’s a two dimensional or a three dimensional surface, our process transfers a perfect image! Working with aluminum, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, MDF or other sustainable materials*, we take your concepts and turn them into unparalleled reality!

Direct Embed® Coating Systems is the perfect solution to high-traffic areas …interior or exterior. The uniqueness and durability of our product is backed by a warranty that can extend to 10 years!**

Our team of dedicated and creative professionals are as curious as you are when it comes to the boundaries of Direct Embed. For now, we see the possibilities as limitless and we look to you to challenge us. We are committed to your project…be it a single plaque to a national roll-out of retail fixtures!

We have the capability to make your signage, exhibit, architecture, retail fixtures, furniture and products truly unique. Please take a look around the site and learn how Direct Embed Coating System can put dimension into your design…although we do flat pretty darn well too!

*Receptor materials for the Direct Embed Coating System must be able to meet criteria of retaining their characteristics during imaging process. Our representatives will be able to provide additional information. **Extended warranty is based on receptor material, DECS finish and environment.

Suitable for thousands of interior
and exterior applications.

 Signs and Streetscapes

 Exhibition Environments

 Interior Architectural Environments

Exterior Architectural Environments

 Retail Environments and Components

 Products and Furniture

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