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Longwood Gardens Interpretive Signage
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Longwood Gardens Interpretive Signage

Direct Embed Coating’s most recent project: Longwood Gardens Interpretive Signage at Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

The newly opened Meadow Garden located at Longwood Gardens is an attraction unlike any other. Interpretive graphics are integrated into nearly every feature on-site from poles to guard rails to tree trunks at the premiere botanical garden in America attracting 1,000,000 people yearly. These features, designed by the Gecko Group, include beautiful, full color illustrations of local wildlife and plants by Natalya Zahn.


The flexibility and durability of the Direct Embed System provided the logical solution to move this project from design intent to reality. Collaborating with the owner and designer, teams from Direct Embed Coating Systems and MS Signs were able to present production methodologies that would resolve the artistic and functional goals equally. The DECS process allowed all parties maximum flexibility in dimension and shape and is the premier process for permanent image quality.

 “…… I was honestly blown away by the quality of the direct embed pieces specifically – The finished pieces that I saw looked BEAUTIFUL. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better representation of my artwork.” 

– Natalya Zahn, Project Illustrator 

Samples were developed along with reviews of graphic quality among the different interpretive panels and maps. In addition, full documentation was developed with the MS SIGN fabrication team for incorporating the panels into sign bases, railings, posts, and walls. The result is a visually vibrant, informative and cohesive program that is being enjoyed by all who walk the meadow at Longwood Gardens.

The final installed signs have a graceful beauty that only the Direct Embed process can ensure. Graphics are highly durable, but totally integrated to the substrate materials. DECS offers an image “dimensionality” like no other process. All of the units are perfectly integrated with their environment, making for a memorable and seamless visitor experience.



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