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Jet Blue Branding at JFK International Airport
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Jet Blue Branding at JFK International Airport

Direct Embed has been working with jetBlue to integrate their colorful and modern brand into harsh internal and external aiport environments. For two projects in particular Direct Embed became a leading approach for objects that would be a leading part of the jetBlue identity.


For a series of banners outside of John F Kennedy International Airport the Direct Embed process was applied to an aluminum substrate to create attractive graphics that could also withstand the harsh exhaust and pollution of the airport.

“ Prototype development is one of the key services we provide at Direct Embed. For mass produced elements we make sure to create exact models and work out every specific detail before starting.”

– Kevin Cherashore, Direct Embed

For the interior of the airpot jetBlue has been testing a series of approaches for graphic integration using Direct Embed including waste receptacles and computer monitor surrounds. Currently approaches are being prototyped and tested that can be manufactured on a large scale.




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