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 Direct Embed®

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ARCAT is an exceptional architectural resource that simplifies the specification process for architects and designers. By going to, architects and design professionals have access to Direct Embed® product information and CSI 3-part specification.

ARCAT is the leading online resource of free building product information. It offers a wide variety of tools for the AEC community. The specification library has the most extensive and up-to-date collection available in both Master Format 1995 and Master Format 2014 along with a patented specification configuration method called SpecWizard which produces technically accurate detail in minutes.


Over 7,000 details in DWG and other formats.


Reports LEED credits for the building project and materials


Thousands of data-rich objects & systems, available in formats RFA, DWG, DXF and more

Products and production information available in e-Catalog and video formats

 Products and specifications can be sourced by mobile or tablet devices via the ARCAT application, which is free of charge and available on the APP Store and Google Play.

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