Direct Embed Coating Systems The 3-Dimensional Difference


The Direct Embed® Process involves encapsulating images around almost any powder coated surface. Front to back, up and down, left to right. We work with the art files that you provide. We also have hundreds of additional images for you to chose from. The sky is the limit. The possibilities are endless.



Direct Embed® uses a highly durable polyurethane powder coated finish that is resistant to abrasion, humidity and corrosion. It is anti-graffiti, anti-skid, antimicrobial, anti-scratch and most importantly is non-combustible. It is used for both interior and exterior applications. Able to withstand high traffic and extreme weather with up to a 10 year warranty. Super-durable, UV-resistant and TGIC free (non-toxic). We can finish your project with anti-skid, anti-microbial and super texture powder coat as well.


Multiple Substrates

The Direct Embed® process embeds a high resolution image deep into and throughout the tough durable powder coated layer. The image is embedded inside the powder and flows seamlessly over edges and corners. It is not a film or a laminate. There are no visible corners and no delamination. Additionally, the DECS process can coat and decorate 3-D parts thus exceeding the capabilities of laminate. This approach utilizes a variety of materials including glass, steel, aluminum, MDF, ceramic and some plastics.

The Possibilities Are Endless

  • Signs and Streetscapes
  • Exhibition
  • Architecture
  • Retail
  • Products and Furniture
  • Interior and Exterior

The Applications For The Direct Embed® Process

The Direct Embed® process lends itself to being possible in an endless variety of applications. This is just a small sampling of where it has been used thus far.

Sign and Streetscapes

• Identity • Wayfinding • Interpretive
• Banners • Landmarks • Overhead
• Parks  • Benches



• Museums • Tradeshows • Public Places
• Corporate • Visitors Centers • Institutional
• Waste Units • Donor


Architectural Exteriors

• Cladding  • Curtain Wall
• Awnings • Shutters • Murals
• Screens



• Fixtures • Cabinets • Shelving • Wall Units
• Lighting Fixtures • Display Units • Point of Purchase
• Kiosks • Hand Dryers


Products and Furniture

• Stools • Tables • Chairs
• Lamps


Architectural Interiors

Walls • Floors • Wainscotting • Flooring • Bathroom/Office Partitions • Glass Block

Why Choose Us?

We create out of the box solutions for designers, retailers, airports, malls, hospitality and more. Clean, creative, super durable 3-D design concepts for interior and exterior products and environments.

Direct Embed® Coating Systems is transforming 3-D powder coating
and embedding.

DECS- The next big thing just happened!

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 Endless Possibilities


Environmentally Friendly

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