direct embed coating systems where design meets durability

The direct embedProcess

DECS is unique in that it combines the durability of an architectural coating with the diversity of an open ended printing system. Our durable polyurethane finish withstands high traffic and extreme weather with up to a 10 year warranty.

The image flows over corners and edges seamlessly unlike other finishes. We are able to decorate products from the size of a button up to 24 feet in length. We are able to decorate dimensional objects, flat and embossed sheets, extruded profiles, folded panels and much more. You can provide us with your images or chose from our library of standard patterns.

We can produce small runs as well as high volume production. Some of the many powder options that we offer are anti-graffiti, anti-skid, antimicrobial, anti-scratch, super-durable (UV-resistant), and TGIC free (non-toxic), matte, textured, gloss and more. DECS is recognized as environmentally friendly with recyclable base materials, recyclable transfer film and organic water based inks. Our high quality polyurethane powders are environmentally friendly, emitting zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (no VOC’s).


Why Choose Us?

We create out of the box solutions for designers, retailers, airports, malls, hospitality and more. Clean, creative, super durable 3-D design concepts for interior and exterior products and environments.

Direct Embed® Coating Systems is transforming 3-D powder coating
and embedding.

DECS- The next big thing just happened!

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